Ori l’Afinju: The Year’s Best Art Exhibition

The works of Segun Adeku explores the psychological state of an Afinju while Gbenga’s works are empathic about the environment.

Gbenga Adeku Biography And Portfolio
Gbenga Adeku

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An Exhibition Of Two Generations

Ori I’afinju is a duo-exhibit of two generations yoruba artists, Segun Adeku & Gbenga Adeku.

Ori l’Afinju in translation means the head (mind) is the cautious, fashionable and environmentally proactive person.

Ori is a Yoruba metaphysical concept. Ori, literally meaning “head,” refers to one’s spiritual intuition and destiny. It is the reflective spark of human consciousness embedded into the human essence, and therefore is often personified as an Orisha (god) in its own right.

Afinjo means a very neat and cautious person. A person who takes care of self and environment. Deeper meanings Afinju connotes aesthetics, taste, excellence, polished, fashionable or a person who possess all these attributes.

Segun Adeku was born in Jan,1949. He’s a neo-traditional artist reknown amongst the early Osun-oshogbo artist for printmaking.

He has held over 17 solo exhibitions in Nigeria, Europe and America. His works can be found in galleries, museums and auction houses across these continents.

He is one of the foremost etching printmakers in Nigeria, amongst the likes of Bruce Onabrakpeya, David Dale & Thomas kwaye. In recent decades he masterly expressed himself in paintings.

Born in 1993 to the family of Segun Adeku, a neo-traditional Osun Osogbo artist. Gbenga grew up as an apprentice at Olokun art gallery & studio, mastering linocut, etching & print making.

He was trained to sculpt under Kola Olayinka in 2006. He furthered training as an artist at the Great Ife Art School (Obafemi Awolowo University) specializing in painting & minoring in graphic art between 2010 and 2015.

He freelanced as a digital illustrator to NSRDA, PlayAd solutions, Brownies Makeup Ent. among others. He is a proud Alumnus of the Bruce Onobrakpeya Foundation.

Ori l'Afinju: The Year's Best Art Exhibition Display Art

Ori l’Afinju – The Art Show of The Year

Orilafinju is following the beautiful trend of family art exhibitions such as the Ajiboye’s. It’s refreshing to see father and son in the same room. I have taken time to study Gbenga and his father’s work. I mentor Gbenga and I was a part of this project as an evaluators since 2020. That been said, I can boldly say Orilafinju as a duo exhibit is a statement art show.

– Dotun Popoola

Hyper-realistic synergistic hybrid metal Sculptor

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Gbenga Adeku


Gbenga Adeku Biography And Portfolio
Gbenga Adeku


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