Artworks On Display

Explore Orilafinju Artworks available for sale. Full Physical view is present at the exhibition center.

  • Artwork 1

Death Of A Young Plant

  • Price: N61,000

    Medium: Deep Etched Printsound Upcycle

    Size: 19.3″ × 14.7″

    Year Created: 1979

    Copyrights: Segun Adeku

Death of a young plant by Segun Adeku
Eight Suitors. by Segun Adeku
  • Artwork 2

Eight Suitors

  • Price: On Demand

    Medium: Deep Etched Prints

    Size: 16″ × 19.9″

    Year Created: 2010

    Copyrights: Segun Adeku

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Gbenga Adeku Biography And Portfolio
Gbenga Adeku

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