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Gbenga Adeku Biography And Portfolio

Get to know one of the foremost Nigerian award winning Upcycle Artist

Gbenga Adeku Biography And Portfolio BG

Gbenga Adeku Biography And Portfolio

Born in 1993 to the family of Segun Adeku, a neo-traditional Osun Osogbo artist. Gbenga grew up as an apprentice at Olokun art gallery & studio, mastering linocut, etching & print making.

He was trained to sculpt under Kola Olayinka in 2006. He furthered training as an artist at the Great Ife Art School (Obafemi Awolowo University) specializing in painting & minoring in graphic art between 2010 and 2015.

He freelanced as a digital illustrator to NSRDA, PlayAd solutions, Brownies Makeup Ent. among others. He is a proud Alumnus of the Bruce Onobrakpeya Foundation.

“Frustrated, they’ll protest at toll gates; block our water ways and take our homes if ignored”

I express through art my deep seated belief in happiness and Joy being a choice available to all and shared among people. My works focuses on human relationships and the cord of interdependence that ties all together.

My works are never in isolation because I believe the best is expressed within the context of relationship. I would be exhibiting my works at Orilafinju where I espoused unequivocally yet humorously that the head (Mind of Man) is the origin of beauty, happiness and Joy.

In recent times, non-biodegradable materials has been a major source of worry to mankind. Creatures of the sea are not left out as it had been discovered that man’s non biodegrable waste was also found in the deepest part of the ocean.

The world yearns for solutions to this heart-wrenching problem of waste management. it is immensely satisfying, visually stimulating and emotionally gratifying to discover an artist generously contributing his own quota in a bid to silence the waste malady, yet in the process fulfilling purpose and blessing the world with exceptional pieces.

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Gbenga Adeku Biography And Portfolio

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