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Segun Adeku Biography And Portfolio

Get to know one of the foremost etching printmakers in Nigeria

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Segun Adeku Biography and Portfolio

Segun Adeku was born in Jan,1949. He’s a neo-traditional artist reknown amongst the early Osun-oshogbo artist for printmaking. He has held over 17 solo exhibitions in Nigeria, Europe and America. His works can be found in galleries, museums and auction houses across these continents.

He is one of the foremost etching printmakers in Nigeria, amongst the likes of Bruce Onabrakpeya, David Dale & Thomas kwaye. In recent decades he masterly expressed himself in paintings. His works are known for onaism, signature smiles and little people. His career has traveled him widely.

“Happiness I believe is a choice. The decision to see the brighter side of life while dimming the grey”

I express through art my deep seated belief in happiness and Joy being a choice available to all and shared among people. My works focuses on human relationships and the cord of interdependence that ties all together. My works are never in isolation because I believe the best is expressed within the context of relationship. I would be exhibiting my works at Orilafinju where I espoused unequivocally yet humorously that the head (Mind of Man) is the origin of beauty, happiness and Joy.

Largely self-taught; worked with Ademola Williams and Tijani Mayakiri; influenced by Bruce Onobrakpeya. Profile: Operated African Cultural Art Gallery with Adekunle Adetimikan, 1972; works in his Olokun Art Studio, Ile-Ife and maintains a gallery opposite the Ife Museum of Antiquities, Ile-Ife; his art works have been used to illustrate several book covers in Nigeria and Denmark; his media are deep-etched print drawing, batik, and calabash carving. Solo Exhibitions at the Department of Fine Arts, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, 1975. Department of Fine Arts, University of Ife, Ondo Campus, 1975.

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